Simulation of rural newcomers and new entrants into farming

Becoming a farmer is a rather common thing for many men as well as women out there. It is certainly one of the world’s oldest professions and the kind of profession that can be considered relatively safer than other.

Becoming a farmer is not the same for everyone. People have different personal stories that urged them to take that path and each one of those stories is different. But all of them have on the common thing. The beginning.  Entering the profession is usually met with a lack of experience, market knowledge, and confidence. As a result, every new farmer needs to double the effort in order to create a business plan that will cover all of their needs and urge them to move forward with their endeavors.

Helping new and aspiring farmers!

Help needs to be given to these new, aspiring farmers. As part of the Horizon 2020 call ‘’Building modern rural policies on long-term visions and societal engagements’’ the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development is able to propose the development of a simulation process for rural newcomers and new entrants into farming in order for them to acquire all the necessary skills and knowledge before entering the market. The simulation process will be based on a tailored made training for agricultural entrepreneurship.

The simulation process will be divided into two categories. The training and a toolkit. The training will be based on the following very important activities:

  • Identify the knowledge, skills, and competencies that rural newcomers and new entrants into farming require, to effectively support them before entering the market.
  • Design of the contents and methodologies to be used in the simulation process
  • Development and evaluation of the toolkit

The development of the Toolkit

After the research and the evaluation the toolkit will be created, based on  European best practices and it will be promoted in order to demonstrate the approaches and methodologies that can be implemented all around Europe in order to fully support the target group. The new farmers!

The IED is constantly working on creating new methodologies and means to help people on all the different entrepreneurial sectors. The Horizon 2020 European framework is a great opportunity for these ideas to see the light of day! With the right consortium, these ideas will not only be implemented but will be making a great difference for the world of Entrepreneurship! As an aspiring Horizon 2020 partner, contact us now and become our colleague today!

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