Build a strong consortium for successful EU Projects

The implementation of EU Projects has always been and will always be a very important matter for the European society. These projects aim to help maintain a balance and solve major and minor problems that can shift that balance all around Europe. Battling with everything, from migration all the way to youth unemployment and aiming towards scientific research and evolution, these projects are a true stakeholder for the European society.

EU Project partner priorities!

There are certain priorities when it comes to joining and implementing these projects. The most important one of those priorities is the consortium. There are specific rules that apply in order for a consortium of partners to be created. At the same time, that the consortium needs to be strong enough to be able to implement the project properly and have the opportunity to gain experience knowledge as well as prestige.

A lot of different entities can become partners in a European project consortium. Always depending on the project, of course, it can be an SME or big company, a Research Institution and Universities and of course, Non-profit Organizations and Public Bodies. The more diverse the consortium, the better the results.

Become our partner today!

As a Research Institution, the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development has a lot to offer in the field of EU Project partnerships and consortium’s. Since 2005 the iED has built a network of more than 1500 EU partners, all of them experts on their respected field. As a result, we have gained massive experience when it comes to the cooperation and collaboration for the implementation of EU Projects.

If you are interested in joining a strong consortium of partners and implement and truly successful project, you can contact us today and become part of our special group of partners. Our expertise has nothing but positive outcomes to offer and after all, an expert partner is a reliable partner.

Mike Lagos
Project Manager

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