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Cultural Heritage: A Community’s Historical Bridges

Cultural Heritage: A Community’s Historical Bridges

The concept of cultural heritage encompasses all the elements that mark a community’s identity. These are elements that reflect the individuality of a certain group of people. This historical evidence links the present with the past; and, will be passed into the future. Their forms vary, from being abstract notions that represent a group, to having physical existence.

Types of Cultural Evidences

Such evidence of culture have been classified into the following 4 categories:

  • The category of tangible heritage includes elements that have physical existence. This type encompasses moveable evidence, such as artworks, coins, etc. Furthermore, immovable and underwater elements are cultural components, classified as tangible.
  • The intangible classification, by contrast, refers to elements that contribute culturally, with no physical presence whatsoever.
  • In addition, there is the type of natural heritage, which refers to landscape formations that supplement a community’s culture.
  • Finally, there is also heritage in the event of armed conflict.

Significance of Cultural Heritage and its Preservation

A certain society’s values, religion, and customs constitute the common ground among its people. Hence, it is a crucial factor that contributes to identity on a collective level, and on an individual level as well. In particular, the ancestors’ common legacy of a group of people, is connecting them with each other; and, this connection will be carried on to future generations. A mental image, of a community’s heritage, could be a chain, of cultural elements, that continues and is being enriched with the passing of time. It is evident that heritage is crucial for a group’s identity; hence, cultural preservation is imperative.

iED acknowledges the importance of cultural heritage as part of people’s identity. In fact, we operate as an indirect factor of culture, by offering our specialist knowledge in numerous European projects of this content, such as: ITHACA, TOGETHERFlexi-Tour etc. If you have an idea pertinent to this matter, you can reach our institute’s team to book an appointment.

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