Presentation of the Skills+ National Competition

iED announces the successful completion of the Skills+ national competition on June 23rd, 2021, which was hosted in the outdoor recreation center of “Kipotheatro” in Larissa, Greece.  In the event, people, from “Prosvasi” daily care, participated. The competition was held in the framework of the European project “SKILLS+: European Skills Competition for people with a labour disability”.

Brief Introduction to Skills+

It is an Erasmus+ project, whose main purpose is to create a sustainable and mutually beneficial relationship, between people with disabilities and small and medium-sized enterprises. Hence, Skills+ attempts to overcome this open discrimination, by the provision of support to both sides; and, contribute to the transformation of society into being more inclusive. It is a strategic partnership between 10 organizations, from: Netherlands, Greece, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Croatia, and Turkey.

For more information, you can visit the project’s official webpage.

Skills+ National Competition: The Content

During the National Competition young people with disabilities, between the age of 18 to 30 years old, engaged in tasks related to the professional fields of green jobs and social health and care. In addition, experts and trainers, along with Ms. Evaggelia Patetsou, Head of “Prosvasi” center, were present throughout the process, in order to ensure the smooth completion of the event. Subsequently, an award ceremony took place, where the contestants’ families were among the attendees.

Furthermore, the European competition occurred in each partner country simultaneously. The two winning teams participated in the European competition and repeated the tasks from the national competition. Next, the procedure continued with an evaluation by a local judge and judges from the Netherlands. Finally, a Greek team won the second place, in the professional category of social health and care, in the European competition. 

iED fully supports initiatives that foster social inclusion; and, considers Skills+ a promising project. Our institute serves its mission by participating in numerous European projects, on this subject. If you have an idea that could contribute to this matter, you can contact our team of professionals.

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Christina Tziouvara
Project Communication Manager

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