Starting an entrepreneurial venture in Europe

The European landscape has been changing these past few years. With new laws and legislations, Europe is now aiming to become one of the most important entrepreneurship hubs in the world. And since 2017 we can see that, the goal if being achieved.

According to reports from several venture companies around the world, More than twenty billion euros was invested to promote the entrepreneurial ecosystem in 2017, by supporting SMEs and most importantly startups. It is no accident that today, eight of ten startup companies are located or are beginning their operation in Europe.

Startups in Europe

We could easily say that startups are the spokesperson for entrepreneurship, seeing as the very nature of a startup company comes from the concept of entrepreneurship. Startups are companies created based on an innovative idea for a service or product, usually with a very small or a non-existent capital, aiming to innovate in their field through marketable procedures.

Europe is a great place for a person to build their startup company and build their entrepreneurial venture from scratch. Currently, the European ecosystem is being modified and shaped in a way that it will be able to support the creation of any entrepreneurial venture.

If you are interested in opening up your own business Europe is the right place to do it and here is why.

A massive Venture capital

Not to be confused with regular types of investments, venture capital is a form of financial investment for startups and SMEs and in Europe, this type of investment is growing more and more. European funds for startups are not only keeping the market labor alive, they are giving life to innovative ideas that are starting to take over the world.

European Programmes

Another great reason to start a business in Europe is the financial support that you can get from the European Union directly. Through European programmes, young business owners and startuppers can finance their ventures in different ways (loans, EU grants, etc,) and see their ideas and collaborations thrive.

Apart from EU programmes, many countries are also creating plans to help startups evolve. Some of Europe’s most wealthy Member States are now using government funding opportunities to help more startups and thus help their economy.

Company security

Over the past few years, important matter like the GDPR has emerged seeing as the safety of the companies, especially tech companies, can be a major issue. Europe is one of the first places in the world that made sure to simplify all regulatory processes and legislations for both native and international businesses, in terms of data safety and security.

For young entrepreneurs who are now taking their first step in the labor market, feeling safe when it comes to the data of their business is very important.

Room for innovation

Europe may now be on the top of the entrepreneurial ecosystem but that does not mean that things will start to slow down. On the contrary, right now in Europe, there is room for more innovation than ever before. Companies are thriving and countries are supporting them on a national level.

European citizens appear to be more willing to open up to new products or services that can make their lives easier and change their daily routines. From services that help small businesses take things to the next level all the way to futuristic gadgets used in multiple different ways, startups in Europe now feel free to open up and try new things.

Europe’s bright future

Talking about Europe at the moment and how it can welcome startups is no good unless we can look ahead and see a bit into the future. Even amidst a pandemic, the European Commission is still managing funding in a way that can both assist with the crisis and continue to support and help startups take their first steps in the ecosystem.

The future for Europe seems nothing but bright. More money is coming in and more results are being exported. We could safely assume that for as long as European programmes are moving money and providing opportunities Europe will always be a safe place for startups to begin their activities.

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