The latest success stories and statistics for H2020 ICT sector

Success stories especially in the ICT sector, are here to motivate us. They are here to show that in every possible field there is room for improvement and development. The success stories told for European Programmes are here to remind us of the important work that European programmes do for the development of the European world.

Here are two of the most important success stories, of EU projects under the Horizon 2020 financial framework:


The project is developing three new circular economy business models to underpin new services with novel features. The aim is to bring end-users closer to design and production phases, develop a products and services eco-points system to support sustainable consumption (including cash incentives for consumers), and co-creation/delivery involving multi-stakeholders and eco-information which is traceable throughout value and supply chains.


It is a public-private joint venture under the EU’s Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI), is combining mobile and smart home devices with data analytics technologies to provide enhanced care and remote health monitoring for patients with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) at all stages of disease progression.

RADAR-AD gives patients the opportunity to be better informed about their own health status and to use this information to self-manage the disease. This will ultimately help personalize care for each patient and allow them to live independently for longer,’ says project coordinator Dag Årsland at King’s College London. ‘In parallel, we anticipate that the platform will improve our understanding of Alzheimer’s disease subtypes and progression, supporting the development of new and more effective treatments.’

 All the latest projects that are being implemented under the Horizon 2020 umbrella, as well as many other programmes, are focusing on the ICT sector. Proposal writers are focusing their expertise on the field, aiming at creating projects of true value for the European Area.

Over the expand of the 2014-2020 calls for European programmes, we can see the following, very promising statistics, for the ICT sector:

  1. A total of 322.9 billion euros was requested as an EU contribution to the implementation of projects under the ICT sector.
  2. A total of 716.101 thousand proposals submitted for projects under the ICT sector
  3. A total of 207.280 thousand proposals were deemed eligible for implementation

You can find the official statistics here!

In particular, over the expand of the Horizon 2020 financial framework, we can see the following general statistics for the European area:

  1. A total of 45.88 billion euros was requested as an EU contribution to the implementation of projects under the ICT sector.
  2. A total of 119.999 participations were funded for Horizon 2020 projects
  3. A total of 25.357 Grants were signed under the Horizon 2020 financial framework

You can find the official statistics here!

IED and the ICT sector!

The ICT sector represents 4.8% of the European economy. It generates 25% of total business expenditure in Research and Development (R&D), and investments in ICT account for 50% of all European productivity growth. As a result, the global market has begun to change as it is now based on people with excellent knowledge of digital skills and practices. Unfortunately, in the European area, this development has not yet reached the desired level.

Here at IED, we recognize the opportunity when we see it. The ICT sector has been and will continue to be a growing sector and we always aim to develop our own skills and knowledge by taking part in even more ICT projects.

IED has made sure to create the tools needed in order for people to be able to learn and acquire new skills and competencies without a lot of effort. Through our e-learning platform Athena we offer professional training courses for digital skills and competencies.

We Connect the ICT sector with Entrepreneurship

Two of the key competencies for lifelong learning set by the European Parliament are digital competence and a sense of initiative and entrepreneurship. The ICT invades and transforms, bit by bit, all aspects of all societies and economies and changes the way people live and behave. In iED, we try to connect the ICT sector with entrepreneurship. Below you can see some indicative European projects that we are being implemented and affect the ICT sector.

We have our own vision

iED is always interested in developing and participating in cutting-edge research projects which will lead to the development of innovative products and services. For this reason, we have recruited talented digital experts whose expertise along with the community of policymakers, researchers, and startuppers will contribute to the development of entrepreneurship in the field of ICT.

Find us on ICT events

ICT events bring ideas together. They are giving organizations and businesses all around the world, the opportunity to meet and work together. IED would not miss out on these amazing opportunities.  

We are developing new and innovative ideas and proposals for the ICT sectors and we are always on the look out for great partners. Contact us today and set up a meeting with our expert, to discuss your ideas. We make sure to attend all the big ICT events therefore, you will also be able to find us there. You could Be Our Next Partner, in one of our developing project proposals!

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Katerina Pariza
Head of Development Unit

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