Gamification for HR management

Gamification. What is it? How is it different from ordinary gaming and how can it help businesses and the world market evolve? These questions are always the first to come up when a person first becomes familiar with the term gamification. The term is, of course, not all that confusing to comprehend once a person understands the most basic elements.

To answer the first question, what is gamification, we need to think about one simple thing. All games need a specific way of thinking and have specific mechanics needed to perform the necessary actions thus completing the challenge.  By following the mindset and the process steps, the game can be won without a lot of effort.

Now imagine using that way of thinking an game mechanics in non-gaming scenarios. Scenarios like for example the working environment of the entire business or a specific sector. Users are given the opportunity to test out actual problems that might occur in specific departments through a gaming mindset and gaming mechanics that allow them to do some out of the box thinking. Most importantly, gamification allows employees to try different solutions for the same problem and find the one that works the best without taking any risks.

Those techniques can be applied in the actual working environment. Over the past few years more and more gamification platforms have been released to the public by companies aiming at introducing gamification as a solid practice for businesses worldwide.

One of the many benefits gamification can have on a business is helping employees become more engaged in their work. According to statistics that derived after a Gallup Inc. an American analytics and advisory company, only one in 10 employees are engaged in their job. These are not good statistics for any business. And gamification can change that.

Applying techniques in specific departments is a great way to start. The HR department for example, one of the most important departments of a business, can use gamification techniques to develop methods of enhancing relationships between employees better. Gamification can help minimize hiring processes and make them even more effective.

By using gamification, the HR department of a company can also engage employees to different, innovative and much more pleasurable training and development methods that will help them focus, become more competitive but maintain a team spirit and help boost the overall development of the business.

Gamification methods can be used to enhance teamwork. Every HR department wants to promote and support teamwork between the business employees and through gamification, different employees can learn how to work together and how to combine their separate skills and competencies to increase their results and their quality of work.

Among the many different companies out there developing these methods and among the many gamification platforms, a few always stand out. The responsibility of choosing the best platform for a business fall upon the owner of the business or the HR manager.

Companies like Totem Learning have been creating gamification platforms and games, aiming at boosting the performance of employees in multiple fields. These kinds of companies have tested out their products and can safely say that they can provide accurate results through their products.

Of course, the gamification method has not gone unoticed by the European Union. Gamification is the subject of a plethora of projects that are being implemented using European funding. They are projects with great impact in the labor market. Projects like the Triple E-dge project which have been developing their own games in an effort to enhance the labor market.

If you need more information on the Triple E-dge project you can visit the official website and download the games now. If you need more information on gamification for business, spend some time online, searching for the companies that can provide you with their platforms. At the end of the day, every business needs to use innovative techniques to increase revenue. Gamification could be what every company needs!

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