The Role of Health Research in Horizon 2020

There are many different reasons as to why someone might want to be part of big financial frameworks like Horizon 2020. There is always a need for innovation and Horizon 2020 is an EU programme specifically created to do just that. Every day, more and more scientists are being funded by the programme, aiming to make a difference in their respective fields.

Healthcare is a field rather ofter researched under the Horizon 2020 framework. It is one of the most important fields, as it affects human life more than anything. How exactly has the Horizon 2020 programme helped the world of healthcare?

Funding is certainly a way to help research move forward. Making progress in healthcare requires a lot of time. However, without the appropriate budget, it is nearly impossible for progress to be achieved. Over the years Horizon 2020 has funded some of the world’s most important scientific researches in the field of healthcare. Only recently, EU researchers were able to find a link between resistance to antibiotics and sanitation. Another action under the Horizon 2020 framework was the recent support of a biotech company in Austria for antifungal research and innovation.

Every year, more and more projects are being implemented under the Horizon 2020, aiming at improving the terms of healthcare first in Europe and then around the world. It is believed that scientists being funded by the Horizon 2020 financial framework, will be able to achieve some true innovation in their respective fields.

People are talking about the Horizon 2020 programme and they are expecting a lot. Scientists from all around the world are trying to get into the programme, for a chance to fund their research and make a difference in their fields.

Recently and under new policies by the European Commission, Europe opened its borders to new scientists from other countries, giving them the opportunity to work under the Horizon 2020 financial framework. Although the terms seem to be a bit different, scientists are given the opportunity to take advantage of big budgets to start working on some of their most promising ideas.

Bringing new minds into the European scientific world means opening the borders to new collaborations that can prove to be very profitable for the European scientific environments. Horizon 2020 is certainly the kind of program capable of achieving some of the world’s best collaborations between today’s bright minds.

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Thodoris Alexandrou
Chief Operating Officer