Time management techniques for the implementation of EU projects

In general, time management is a very important issue for every employee. When it comes to EU projects, time management is not just important, it is essential for the correct and smooth implementation of the projects. The right techniques can either be taught by someone or acquired through experience. With this article we will try to give a first look on some of the basic techniques for time management for the implementation of EU projects.

1. Desk organization

This particular technique might seem a bit secondary but it is most certainly not. If anything, we could suggest that it is one of the most important techniques out there. Organizing your personal space is going to save you so much time every single day. Apart from the fact that you will not have to look for your files and papers all the time, a clean and organized space will give you a sense of personal success and pride. And everyone needs that for a bit of a self-boost!

2. E-mail organization

Organizing your e-mails comes second on this list of techniques and for a good reason. You receive so many e-mails every day that we can understand why you might find yourself getting a bit overwhelmed by all those data. As a result, you spend more time than what you should, going through your email and trying to sort them out.

If you were to simply organize them in file then you would be able to find them easily and save so much time every day. Make sure that you will do that as soon as possible and you will see a great difference in your time management!

3. Organizing the project’s schedule

We know that organizing the project’s schedule is a given but we still have to mention it as a time management technique. It is very important to have that schedule ready at least a week before the project starts. This way, in case of an emergency, you will have enough time to go through the schedule, modify it or change it if necessary.

4. Organizing breaks during the project

If you do a little bit of research then you are going to find out that, proper breaks are a must when it comes to any kind of schedule. These projects can be very tiring from time to time so organizing proper breaks for both you as well as everyone else involved will give a good image of the time needed in order for you to complete the schedule. At the same time a good break will renew you and allow you to continue your work much more effectively!

5. Organizing all the technicalities before the beginning of the project

One of the most time consuming things that you will need to do for the implementation of the project, will be to take care of technicalities like booking the hotel rooms and the airplane tickets among others. You will know exactly when and where the project will take place long before it actually starts. So make sure that you will book everything ahead of time. It will save you a lot of time and just like it is with the schedule organization, in case of an emergency you will have enough time to make modifications and changes if necessary.

These five simple yet important techniques will save you enough time during the implementation of the project and will allow you to focus on other more important things like the content of the project itself. EU projects are demanding, complicated and of course time consuming. You can understand why having more time in your hands is going to be beneficial now don’t you?

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