ROMA entrepreneurship – an alternative for the inclusion in employment and fighting discrimination

Discrimination is one of the most common phenomena all around the globe. People discriminate against the unknown. Anything different might seem dangerous so they will react with suspicion or, at times, violence, they will stand against it and will socially exclude people for no good reason. This is the kind of thinking that has been keeping societies closed and inhospitable.

ROMA discrimination in Europe

In countries like Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and even the UK, a great portion of that discrimination is aimed towards the ROMA. This particular group suffers greatly due to its origins and the way they act towards other people. But if one considers the discrimination they have been putting up with all these years, one could say that their behavior is justified.

It is up to the society to make sure that they will include them, so that the discrimination against them will cease to exist. And entrepreneurship is most certainly the right way to include social groups that have been discriminated against, like the ROMA.

Entrepreneurship is the key

The key areas that need the most attention are education, employment, healthcare and housing. And sadly only a very small portion of the EU member states have allocated funds in order to cover these needs for these social groups. That alone shows discrimination and a lack of commitment.

Providing education for the ROMA children is a great way to fight the discrimination and help them get socially included. Proper education will provide them with the tools, competences and methods needed in order for them to understand that they can become great entrepreneurs and put what they learn to good use

A new era of growth

By becoming entrepreneurs they will be able to help themselves as well as others in the same social group develop their own business and becoming an active, important part of society.

Entrepreneurship is the key to solving many different social problems nowadays. Discrimination is one of them. EU member countries have started focusing on solving these problems and in particular, discrimination towards suffering groups by implementing related projects and trainings. A new era of growth for Europe is beginning.

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Thodoris Alexandrou
Chief Operating Officer