How Can Webinars Contribute to Reducing Skill Gaps?

Skill gaps are a serious problem in the labour market today. With constantly changing demand for specific skills, the educational institutions of today create professionals whose skills are close to outdated at the end of the studies. Developed countries, hence, make strong efforts to create open and motivating environments for lifelong learning.

There is a strong probability that learning, skill upgrade or reskilling will follow the generations entering the labor market today until their retirement.

How to ensure that we can keep up with the demands for new skills?

Non-formal education, especially distance learning, have created conditions for us to be able to engage in learning from our homes, at the time and with the pace that suits our schedules and tempo of learning. The latest advancements in online learning have also provided us with an opportunity to engage in learning that has all the features of a traditional learning classroom.

Webinars represent a specific ICT tool that can bring all the advantages of the face-to-face meetings in the online environment. Participating in a webinar means that you can communicate live with experts/educators, engage in collaborative learning through different webinar tools that stimulate interaction and collaboration of the real classroom.

Webinar learning is hence, engaging and motivating. It provides with an opportunity to learn at the time and place most convenient from you, and learn from experts that may as well be on the other side of the world. During the webinar, you collaborate and learn interactively in a joint online space.

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Julia Bachousi
Project Manager

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