Webinars: The Most Effective Form of Online Learning

Online learning has constantly been developing and during the past few years has become the most popular form of distance learning. Technological innovations are constantly employed into developing this form of education and the number of people engaged in online learning is constantly growing.

These developments are a result of several factors – the need to constantly develop existing and learning new skills, as well as the convenience provided by online distance learning. Webinars, in this sense, have become a core component of online distance learning. Since webinars were first introduced in the 1990s as an online video conferencing tool, they have relatively quickly been adopted by the business community globally. Their specific features (live interaction, online collaboration tools) were recognized as useful for educational purposes, and various education-specific software solutions were quickly developed.

The effectiveness of webinars lies in their focus on live interaction, collaboration and networking, facilitated by a wide range of tools that accommodate different learning preferences and needs. Today webinars have become an integral part of online learning, used by different types of education providers (universities, private schools, entrepreneurs, and marketers) that act globally, providing valuable educational opportunities for youth and adults around the world, facilitating the development of lifelong learning.

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