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Workplace Wellness Trends 2022: Redefining Workplace Culture Anew

Workplace Wellness Trends 2022: Redefining Workplace Culture Anew

The pandemic’s arrival has differentiated employees’ needs from the existent work conditions; and, shaped the workplace wellness trends 2022. In particular, employees’ wellness came to the fore, as a high priority within the decent working context.

The beginning and persistence of Big Quit (also known as Great Resignation) is a warning signal stressing the need for a profound change. Namely, the workplace basis should be shifted to supporting its people.

What a Healthy Workplace Should Look Like?

A workspace should be a safe place, where employees can unfold their creativity and productivity. Thus, adopting a culture of wellness and reassessing work policies to be consistent, are essential motions.

Achieving a healthy workplace, demands companies to integrate a holistic wellness approach into their programmes. And, by holistic approach we refer to covering physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual aspects.

So, here is what workplace wellness looks like in 2022:

  1. A workplace should operate under the principles of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEI&B). Grounding an inclusive culture transforms a work environment into a stress-free place for all its employees to thrive.
  2. The impact of employees’ financial wellness expands to the organization. Hence, foreseeing financial wellness programs can be significant contributions to the adoption of a holistic approach.
  3. Supporting employees by investing in their professional development and career growth through internal mobility. Helping current workforce to excel with the provision of upskilling and reskilling opportunities, can turn the company into an engaging place for its employees.
  4. Committing to equitable healthcare provisions, both for physical and mental health, can really make a difference to the company’s people. Moreover, deploying technology’s potentials can be a contributory addition to this trend.

The Essence

The arisen circumstances directed attention to another direction. A realization that people matter and so is their wellness. After all, a person’s health goes hand-in-hand with one’s productivity.

iED, as a Center of Excellence in European Entrepreneurship with a lasting experience in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, we acknowledge and support the integration of anthropocentric values to companies’ operations.

Feel free to contact us if your ideas match our vision.

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