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How to Implement a Continuous Learning Program in Your Business

A continuous learning program incentivizes employees to better themselves, improving their technical and soft skills both in and outside the workplace. Ongoing training offers numerous benefits. Here’s why a continuous learning program matters and tips for implementing it. Benefits of Ongoing Learning Workers perform better, develop more confidence and are happier with their jobs when

Fostering Business and Entrepreneurship through European Projects: A Comprehensive Guide

In today’s competitive business landscape, finding unique avenues for growth and innovation is more crucial than ever. One often-overlooked opportunity lies in European projects—initiatives that offer funding and a wealth of resources, partnerships, and networking opportunities. This guide will delve deep into how European projects can benefit businesses and entrepreneurs significantly. Types of European Projects

A Collaboration between the University of Thessaly, STHEV, JOIST Innovation Park and Institute of Entrepreneurship Development to Support Affected Businesses in Thessaly

The recent devastating floods caused by storm Daniel in all prefectures of Thessaly (Larissa, Magnesia, Trikala and Karditsa) have severely affected businesses, their infrastructure, facilities and activities. The University of Thessaly, expressing its support within the framework of its capabilities and expertise, in cooperation with the Association of Thessalian Enterprises and Industries – STHEV, JOIST

Edge Computing Benefits Both Business and the Environment

Edge computing is an infrastructure framework to keep devices close to home. The benefits of edge computing extend from the practical to the environmental. It prioritizes access and security, even during an age of remote work access and compatibility. Explore how edge computing benefits stretch across organizations to empower them to impact the planet and