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6 Reasons why Attending Webinars is Essential for your Business


Thanks to globalization and rapid technological development, we can instantly acquire information from all over the world. During the last decade, the knowledge sharing trend has become even more popular. According to Livestorm, the average rate of attending webinars has grown by up to 50% in 2019.

Being one of the most effective distance learning tools, webinars allow their attendees to acquire knowledge without being bound to a specific geographical location.

There are several reasons why you should consider attending webinars. One of the most important ones is that you get critically important information related to your business.

Today, we will discuss 6 major reasons why your business career may depend on webinars.

1. Learn From Professionals

Just like a seminar, a good webinar implies having a qualified tutor who can explain its content based on their own experience. An outstanding tutor should work in a field they talk about and have a deep understanding of. They should not only give you a general overview but also be familiar with the latest trends and challenges within the chosen sector.

What makes webinars different from face-to-face meeting is that they place you in a digital room with a professional willing to share their insights and knowledge. They do have their disadvantages, such as lack of physical contact and poor emotional connection with a lecturer. However, they are offset by the possibility to find a webinar about a topic that grows on you and is relevant to your business. Where else can you learn from professionals from Fortune 500 while sitting in a convenient office or at home and sipping on your coffee?

2. Develop Your Business

Learning lifelong is an essential concept that helps you stand out from other competitors. Regardless of the financial and political situation, consumer trends and market shifts, your industry will always be affected by globalization and undergo constant change. For instance, because of the progress, manual papers formatting is no longer popular among students. Nowadays they can easily use apa citation generator and save time for developing startup ideas. If you want to acquire some up-to-date knowledge and gain insights into consumer preferences, you maintain your brand loyalty and improve your company’s outreach.

If you do not have a business yet but are willing to launch one, webinars are a great opportunity for you to get rid of any lingering doubts you may have. Every successful businessman has once started from scratch, and you can ask them to share some practical tips with you. If questions like “Should I start a Greenfield company or buy a franchise?”, “Will I find suppliers and consumers?”, or “How can I organize my accounting branch?” still prevent you from engaging in entrepreneurial activities, then webinars are a great choice for you.

3. Get In Touch With Partners

Companies usually conduct webinars for attracting new clients and maintaining trustworthy relationships with the existing ones. But it is only partially true — most seminars are conducted by companies to attract partners and build lasting relationships with them. Successful B2B marketing often implies establishing your brand awareness and partners’ credibility.

On the other hand, you can benefit from webinars by learning how to present your organization. As a business pioneer, you can find out how to come up with a  business plan and include unique selling points in your presentation. Giant companies try their best to offer exclusive and efficient webinars, so why not to learn from them without spending a penny on it?

4.   Monitor Your Competitors’ Activities

Entering a business niche is a tall task for a newcomer. Therefore, they should begin by monitoring their competitors and figuring out how they can become a market leader. You can either buy an essay from companies that focus on market research or do your own research by watching your competitors’ webinars.

If you’re wondering what steps your competitors take to become niche leaders, you should analyze the information they share and sift out their business strategy from it. You can monitor their Twitter and LinkedIn accounts and look for live webinars invitations. Thus, you can list them in one place and know about an upcoming webinar well in advance.

Do not hesitate to register for your competitors’ live meetings. If you do not wish to disclose your personality, you can either remain anonymous or borrow your friend’s social media account for one day. The information you gain can help you develop your business strategy and find weak your competitors’ weaknesses. It can also provide you with a possibility to improve your company in those areas.

5. Interact With Potential Clients

Webinars also let you communicate with potential clients and partners. In the majority of cases, each webinar provides interactive activities, such as team working, experience sharing and checking other participants’ results through feedback. Thus, webinar allows you to figure out other peoples’ needs and plans for future development. You can benefit from this information by creating a database of potential clients and partners.

For example, if you are planning to open a construction business, you may note that other webinar attendees are planning to rent a workspace and adapt it to their needs. Thus, you can collect their contacts and ask them if they will need your help in several months’ time. The fact that you have contacted them can play a crucial role in their choosing their future contractor.

6. Cost Effectiveness

Unlike regular seminars, webinars are less costly in terms of a participation fee. Their organizers do not have to spend money on renting premises, utility bills, and transportation. Moreover, webinars place no limit on the number of participants, thus keeping the price down.

All of the above give webinar attendees a possibility to acquire useful information without spending a lot of money.

Author: Jane Travis

Despite her young age, she has already shown herself as an avid writer and a voracious reader. With each swallowed book, her writing skills improve a notch higher than before. For the past several years she has been climbing the copywriting ladder relentlessly, and she has become one of the best in the field. If you have a challenging topic to cover, her answer would be, “Bring it on!”

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