A Curriculum About Social Entrepreneurship for Refugee Youth

iED proudly announces the curriculum about social entrepreneurship finalization. This outcome is part of the SIRSE vision materialization of achieving social inclusion of refugee populations. 

Refugees’ Social Inclusion Through Entrepreneurship  

SIRSE is short for “Social Inclusion of Refugee Youth through Social Entrepreneurship”. This project is designed to employ social entrepreneurship, as a social inclusion medium for young refugees, between the age of 25 to 30.  

Although SIRSE focuses on entrepreneurship, the initiative aims at achieving well-rounded and sustainable social inclusion eventually. The Erasmus+ Programme supports the SIRSE partnership to fulfill this mission. 

The Curriculum About Social Entrepreneurship 

With these in mind, the partnership delivered a training module on social entrepreneurship. In brief, the curriculum’s structure comprises of the following chapters: 

  1. The context of social entrepreneurship. 
  1. The importance of this entrepreneurial type. 
  1. How to launch a social entrepreneurship venture. 
  1. The national legal frameworks in the partner countries. 
  1. And information about the business model concept 

Institute of Entrepreneurship Development considers curriculum delivery, a quality result that serves the strategic partnership’s purpose. 

Stay tuned, there are more SIRSE updates on the way!

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