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A New Entrance – Founders Network

“A new ENTRance” is an ERASMUS+ KA2 project which is implemented with active involvement of Roma from Germany, Greece, Hungary and Romania and for their benefit. The project idea came up because there are many Roma in the partner countries who would like to found or sustain their own business and unfortunately there is lack of consultation on how to found a business, information about funding, training and exchange of best practice and experiences. “A new ENTRance” is realized to close this gap.

“Network of (future) Roma entrepreneurs (Founders Network)” presents the results of the project:

  1. The roadmap to your own business which contains the necessary steps and available support for becoming an entrepreneur.
  2. A self-test of the appropriateness as entrepreneur.
  3. An Entrepreneurship Training Course with Lessons to be learned for founding or sustaining a business.
  4. Success stories – successful Roma entrepreneurs share their experiences.

The Founders Network is online!

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