A Self-evaluation tool for potential Roma entrepreneurs

The Erasmus+ KA2 project “A new ENTRance – Development of innovative instruments for promoting entrepreneurship of Roma”, aims at the promotion of ROMA Entrepreneurship using innovative ways. The partners of the project are IED – Institute of Entrepreneurship Development and the Municipality of Larissa from Greece, and other organizations from Germany, Hungary and Romania.

Within the framework of the “A new ENTRance” project, a self-evaluation tool for potential Roma entrepreneurs was developed by the partners of the project. The tool aims to examine the appropriateness of Roma people as business starter.

The tool is online and free for users. It contains 24 simple questions about yourself. The questions are divided into 7 aspects, motives for the foundation, need for education entrepreneurial self-confidence, loading capacity, fitness, healthy lifestyle, ability to judge, support of the environment and brilliant idea. After the user fills in all the questions, receives the results of the self-evaluation, which include information about his/her ability to become an entrepreneur and recommendations in order to improve his/her skills.

The self-evaluation tool for potential Roma entrepreneurs is online!

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Stella Ioannou
Head of Innovation Office

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