Addressing the issue of anti-Gypsyism: Improving the level of social inclusion of Roma people!

On 31η May and 1η June 2017, Florida University in the city of Valencia (Spain), held the 5th transnational meeting of the European project PAL (cofounded by the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme of European Union), a project that aims to address the issue of ant-Gypsyism and to improve the level of social inclusion of Roma people.

A strong Consortium consisted of key point organizations in 9 countries of EU (Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Greece, France, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania and Belgium) implements the actions of this project in these countries.

The members of the Consortium had the opportunity to focused on what activities have already implemented and they analyzed the results and the difficulties that came up through these procedures.

Furthermore, the members defined the necessary guidelines for the next steps of the project, in order to facilitate with the best way, the awareness and the support of Roma people over their inclusion in education and employment.

Within this framework, a series of events will be help in all countries, in order to approach the Roma communities and inform them about this issues.

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