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Analysis of the available knowledge and needs of instructors in Europe


The analysis and presentation of the available knowledge of instructors in Europe constitute the starting point for the designing of the appropriate educational program about the fulfillment of educational needs.

Institute of Entrepreneurship Development supports and contributes to the promotion of women entrepreneurship and gender equality, by analyzing all the funding from questionnaires conducted in previous phases of the project and also by finding the current needs and weaknesses of education.

So in the third step, we and our partners link all the ‘pieces of the puzzle’ that we collected from researches and now we are at the item analysis point. This research is a conflation on the available knowledge and the identification of educational needs of instructors of formal and informal education in relation to gender equality matters.

The research focus on:

  1. mentioning the educational and training options that are available in our partner’s countries
  2. locating instructor needs in relation to the promotion of equal opportunities/ gender equality in entrepreneurial skills of students.

This action is the key to the success of the project, as it will allow the creation of an educational program which will sufficiently fulfill the needs of all kinds of instructors.

For more information regarding the project and its activities you can follow the links below:

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