Why become an EU project Leader?

Becoming a leader for an EU project, is a great responsibility. A leader needs to be ready to deal with any circumstances that might occur during the implementation of the project. The leader needs to be aware of everything that might happen and also needs to have a solution for every single problem. And if there is no solution, the leader needs to come up with one!

This is most likely the reason why most organizations prefer to partners in the proposals of others instead of being leaders! And that is completely reasonable! But being a leader has its perks. And every organization out there definitely wants to get their hands on those perks! So let us give you an idea of exactly what we are talking about. What is it that makes, being a leader, so enticing although it is one of the most difficult jobs you could possibly do?


A strong leader that is not afraid of anything and is able to bring together and organize a strong team is a leader to look up to! By becoming a leader and trying your best to bring your project to completion you will show others that you mean business. This will help you build your reputation fast and get even more invite for proposals. By being a leader once, you will be a partner many other time!


Sure, you can gain experience by being a partner to a project. But the experience you will gain as a leader is another thing completely. Leading the project is a very big responsibility and as you can understand, the experience gained is going to be much bigger as well. After you have completed your very first project as a leader and have gained the experience of it, everything else is going to seem so abundant and easy!

Create a network of partners

Whether you are trying to become a leader or just a partner, you already know that the most important thing is going to be for you to create a good network of partners. By having that, the chances of getting into a proposal can double or even triple, every year! However by being a leader, creating that network is going to be a lot easier!

If, as a leader, you give it all you got and you complete you project with utter success, people will know of your expertise and will want that for their projects. But by being a good leader to your partners, they will not see the time to work with you again. Be a proper leader in both terms of behavior as well as leadership and people will want and ask to be on your network!

Be eligible for future proposals

By being a partner, you gain experience and expertise. But by being the one responsible for the project you will be able to focus on becoming an expert in something else other than your current field of expertise, and this is leadership. This is going to make you eligible for future proposals either as a leader or as a partner!

These are good enough reasons to start thinking about become the head for an EU proposal! The experience is going to be like no other. And we can guarantee that by doing it once and doing it well, you will be tempted to do it again!

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