Strategic Partnerships: Open European call under Key Action 2

The European call for Key Action 2 proposal “Strategic Partnership” has been designed for these specific reasons.  To share new and original practices, to encourage coordination and teamwork, equal peer learning and of course to help in the exchange of skills and experiences in fields such as education, youth and finally, training!

The Aim

If we were to list the specific prioritized fields, of a Strategic Partnership under Key Action 2, then we would be talking about:

  • Youth Education
  • Adult Education
  • School Education
  • Higher Education
  • VET, Vocational Education and training

Whether you are supporting innovation or exchange of best practices, a Strategic Partnership is what you need to be aiming for!


It does not matter if you are a public, private or non-governmental organization. A Strategic Partnership under Key Action 2 can provide you with opportunities that will help you carry out a wide range of different activities!  Some of those activities include:

  • Learning how to strengthen the cooperation between the different organizations and create a strong network!
  • Testing out new and original practices and promoting their development and implementation
  • Achieving the recognition and the validation of the different skills, knowledges and competences
  • Aiding with the cooperative development between the regional authorities to further new educational, youth and training systems
  • Aiding with the transition of learners with disabilities and special needs, into the labor market
  • Training professionals and supporting their education, in order to forward assortment, equity and incorporation in the different types of learning
  • Assisting with the assimilation of migrants and placing the refugee crisis in Europe, under the microscope

A Strategic Partnership under Key Action 2 is not defined by size and can conduct completely different activities in order to carry out any objective, set by the project. Objectives can also be set by the impact that is expected, the other organizations taking part in the project and of course other elements as well as external factors!

Application under Key Action 2

There are three major criteria that need to be met by the applicants in order for the application to be of valid statue. The first one is, of course, for the organization to be based in a Program Country.

The second is the number of participating organizations. Three is the minimum amount allowed by the EU in order to be able to apply for a Strategic Partnership project!

The third is the origin of the organizations. From the participating organizations at least two of them need to be from different Program Countries.

There is no specific limit to the number of organizations that can be a part of a Strategic Partnership project! In addition that number can also include Partner Countries, as long as they can add essential value to the project!

In case a Higher Education Institution is to be a partner to a Strategic Partnership project, then that Institution needs to hold a valid Erasmus Charter for Higher Education.


Depending on the field of the Strategic Partnership projects, there are three different durations:

  • Higher education: between 24 and 36 months
  • Adult education, school education and vocational education and training: between 12 and 36 months
  • Youth: between 6 and 36 months

Funding for Key Action 2

In general, funding for Strategic Partnership projects can go all the way up to € 150,000 a year. However the specific format ‘’School Exchange Partnerships’’ finds its funding limit at

€ 99,000 a year!

Apply Here

In order to apply for a Strategic Partnership project, the interested parties must visit the National Agency page and submit their application in the Program Country where the applicant organization is established.

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