BIG InternPrize 2nd Intellectual Output: A Complete Training Course

The BIG InternPrize 2nd intellectual output will be completed soon. This outcome delivery will occur for the purposes of the “BIG InternPrize – Business Ideas Generation” EU project.

BIG InternPrize: Fostering Entrepreneurial Mind Mindset

The BIG InternPrize project is aiming at the entrepreneurial cultivation of VET learners and trainers. In addition, the project is aiming to bridge the gap between education and work. In particular, the strategic partnership concentrates its activities on the area of ideas’ generation, through the development of pertinent educational material. The Erasmus+ programme supports the materialization of this initiative.

Visit the official webpage and learn more about the BIG InternPrize project.

About the BIG InternPrize 2nd Intellectual Output

The BIG InternPrize 2nd intellectual output will be a training course developed to equip, both educators and learners, in the process of business ideas’ generation. For the outcome delivery, the project partners will be conducting extensive research and testing to ensure a quality result.

Moreover, the content of the produced output will encompass:

  • A learning map of bite-size learning videos, oriented towards generation, testing, and business ideas’ presentation. The EntreComp Framework and the defined entrepreneurship skills, will determine the frame of the learning content.
  • Finally, a production of learning bites video series, for the use of VET trainers and entrepreneurs, involved in the project activities. Each video won’t exceed the 15 minutes of duration and the project’s official website will be hosting them.

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