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Career management skills and their importance


There was a time when being employed in the same company for almost your entire working life was considered luck. People were afraid of change, sometimes even asking for a promotion or trying out something that they might like more than the work they have been assigned.

Nowadays things are different. More and more young people are now entering labor marketing with a completely different mindset. Employees today want to gain experience. They want to gain expertise and most importantly, they want to follow the profession that suits them the most. This is why many young people nowadays focus more on developing their career skills that ever before.

Taking your career to the next level

Developing one’s career is not easy. It takes time and most importantly precision. A person that has goals to build a bright career will need to “employ” all sorts of skills that will allow that person to surpass others and to start climbing up the ladder.

To start, people who are aiming to build a bright career will need a specific set of skills. Communication and motivation skills are among the ones that are a necessity.  They need to be able to plan their steps, therefore, planning skills are also a big priority.

The non-job specific competencies that tend to be all about the way we relate to other people such as our interpersonal skills and other personal qualities can be great arrows to our quiver. These transferable or employability skills could be a great start for a person’s career. They can be acquired outside of the working situations and mostly through social interactions

Of course, your career management skills will always depend on the type of career you have chosen. There are of course the general competencies that everyone needs to have but at the same time, you need skills specific to your career.

You need career-specific skills

In most cases, these career-specific skills can be acquired through exams, practice, training, or apprentices. Skills that are usually acquired through practical exercise are much easier to evolve.

Career managements skills vary. To build a bright career you need to be able to create the best CV. You need to be able to perfectly communicate with the person interviewing you. You need to know how to perfectly present yourself and your work.

Without proper skills, people will not be able to go after the profession of their dreams. Professional evolution is very important nowadays. Every chance you have, you need to try and upgrade your skills and competencies if you want to be ahead of the competition.

Through European projects such as the Career Skills project, you are going to be able to learn a thing or two about the way careers are build, which are the most important skills that you can build for your career and most importantly how you can determine the right skills for the right career.

You can take a look at the project’s official website to gain access to the free guides and tools that will help you throughout the process. It is important to note that enhancing careers is a number one priority for the European Commission, seeing as one of the major goals is to promote the European labor market and advance Europe as one of the key players in the worldwide economy.

Upgrade your skills today and enhance your career!

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