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Social Inclusion through entrepreneurship


As the core of the European Social Model and European values, Social inclusion has become the focus of a lot of European policies over the past few years. Especially in the last decade, we notice more and more European funded projects being implemented, with a focus on social inclusion.

Seeing as social inclusion covers an array of different groups, it is reasonable to assume that it is achieved in various ways as well. However, each project implemented is adding a little something to aiding the European strategy of lifting at least 20 million people from poverty and social exclusion by 2020.

Entrepreneurship is the solution

One of the most common ways to promote social inclusion is through the labor market. With entrepreneurship growing more important every single day, it is important for vulnerable groups to know that they are just as welcome to use their skills and competencies to create their own business ventures.

Through entrepreneurship migrants, people with special abilities, and people who belong in other vulnerable have the opportunity to show that innovation and success in the world of business do not recognize borders, skin color, social status, etc. It is all about the brilliant ideas and a person’s determination to bring them to life.

People that belong in vulnerable groups can work to enhance their personal as well as professional skills and competencies. That will be enough to help them set up shop. Entrepreneurship is all about the idea, the innovation behind the project, and the usefulness of the services. It allows people to be judged for their work and not their nationality, language, or anything else.

Entrepreneurs have made it

There are many success stories of entrepreneurs that can prove, you do not need money or a good status to become an entrepreneur. You only need to know what your skills are, what the labor market needs, and how you can take these two and create an idea that people are going to need. Whether that is a product or a service.

According to statistics, more than 40% of entrepreneurs operating in big rural centers are migrants. That proves not just how people from vulnerable groups deserve the same opportunities to prove their worth but also how entrepreneurship is the kind of sector that does not discriminate.

Entrepreneurs feel more confident, they are accepted easier and most importantly they can create a reality through entrepreneurship where they can thrive. This is a big step towards social inclusion and the kind of step that needs to be taken by everyone.

Social inclusion is at the heart of iED’s commitment, to build a strong, social Europe. The economic recovery and growth, we are slowly starting to witness across Europe, need to reach everybody, including the most disadvantaged of our citizens. Although the EU is far from reaching this goal, in IED we are proud to have taken part in EU projects that promote social inclusion and connect it with entrepreneurship. Vulnerable groups such as refugees, immigrants, and people with special abilities are supported through activities that integrate them into society.

The work of IED

With projects like SIRSE, EMwoSE and In Touch, IED has created material and gained knowledge on the different techniques and methods migrants and ROMA can use to bring their ideas to life. At the same time, through those projects, we worked hard to help people belonging in these vulnerable groups to understand that they have the opportunity to try for a better and brighter future.

In an effort to also enhance gender equality and help more women get socially included in the labor market we have implemented projects such as Women & Sustainable Farming and CEDIWORES Certification of disadvantaged women in remote areas, IED actively supports actions that aim to reduce the gap in the labor market and get more women active and included.

IED is always looking for new ways to promote entrepreneurship and help people become part of it. We believe that social inclusion and entrepreneurship go hand in hand and the results can be remarkable. In these difficult times, it is important to secure a future for everyone!


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