Career management skills for the next years

CMS or career management skills are very important nowadays. Whether you choose to build a bright career with a lot of perspectives or you want to make sure that you will have a steady and secure position in a company, you will want to have certain skills that will be able to help you learn and evolve.

Those are the career management skills and research will show you that there is a tone of them. One person can’t acquire every single one of them. Therefore what you will want to do will be to create a list of the ones that are the most important for you.

Based on the profession you will want to follow and the kind of career you want to build, you will need to aim at different skills. However, there are a few that are considered the most important of all and are the general kinds of skills that everyone needs to have.

With this article, we will try to provide you with that list as well as a small description to help you get started with your career management.

Communication skills

Easy enough to understand the communication skills are a must-have for everyone. Every effective leader must be able to communicate with employees, employers, and customers equally well. Apart from leaders, employees need to also possess excellent communication skills. It is essential to communicate your ideas, your work, and the results of your projects in a way that will be understandable and will promote what you do.

Organisation skills

No one can work in a mess. If your job requires you to work with other people, as most jobs do, you would not want to have to find your way through stacks of unorganized files and paperwork now would you?

You need to organize your work in a way that will be easy for you and any of your colleagues to understand and use if needed.

Planning skills

Everyone wants to know what the future holds for them and their job. However, no one can predict the future. What you can do is plan it. Planning is always a great way to use your resources to schedule tasks, plan short-term and long-term actions, and start implementing strategies that will have a positive impact on your work.

Planning skills can help you identify risks, needs, set up priorities for future tasks, and even predict a few short numbers based on your actions. All that is important for a person’s career.

Interpersonal Skills

These sets of skills are more important when it comes to you dealing with people outside of your work environment but still connected to your work. Customers for example or potential collaborators are those people.

You need to be able to build good and integral relationships with the people that can indirectly or directly affect your job and your career. The difference between interpersonal skills and communication skills is the level of awareness.

Communication skills focus on communicating ideas and concepts for your business. Interpersonal skills meaning to get to know the people on a professional as well as semi-personal level. You need to understand them to work with them!

We could say that these are the most important skills for career management. These are the skills you will need to master no matter what your career is. Based on the career you want to follow, identify, and learn more skills that will help you move forward.

You can check out European projects like the Career Skills project that will give you some pretty well-built guidebooks on how to build your career and sustain it!

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Alexandra Chimona
Senior Project Manager

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