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In 2015, more than one million refugees were seeking asylum in Europe.  Worldwide, according to the official website of UNHCR, a total of 68.5 million people were forced to abandon their homes and to seek a new life in other countries. Europe is one of the most popular destinations for migrants and refugees.

All of those people will try to build a new life, a safer life. They have every right to try and make it, to try and provide for their families but discrimination is certainly something that stops them and does not allow them to aim for a brighter future.

It is essential, however, at least in the European area to make sure that we are going to welcome migrants and refugees and help them build their new lives. Europe has a very strong policy aiming at helping migrants, and projects like the YOU-ME project is the way to do that.

The YOU-ME project aims at providing information training and of course support to migrants, especially young migrants that are coming from war-torn countries, in order to help them build their own businesses and ensure a brighter future for them. For that reason, the project partners developed an innovative and useful tool for them, the YOU-ME e-training platform.

By paying a visit to the YOU-ME official website, you will be able to register and gain access to that platform. Here are the features of the YOU-ME e-learning platform:

  1. Self-assessment tool for entrepreneurial skills: This tool was developed in accordance with “EntreComp: The Entrepreneurship Competence Framework” of the European Commission. The user can go to, create an account and take the test, consisting of four parts that estimate their readiness to take on entrepreneurial activity in the future. The tool is available in 12 languages, among them 5 non-European, i.e. Arabic, Farsi, Dari, Tigrinya, and Somalian.
  2. Geo-localized map of useful organizations for migrants: In the YOU-ME platform, the users can also find a map of organizations in the partner countries, i.e. Italy, Spain, Germany, Sweden, and Greece, which specialize in helping out migrants with everyday issues, for example, administrative, professional, educational, etc. With a free account, any user can access the map and find organizations close to their location. 
  3. Online training course for young entrepreneurs: Users that create an account in the YOU-ME platform can take up the online training course, tailor-made for migrants who wish to start their own business endeavor in the future. The course consists of basic modules e.g. Introduction to Entrepreneurship as well as more specific ones such as Marketing and Risk Management. The contents of the training course are available in 12 languages, among them 7 European ones, i.e. English, Italian, Greek, French, German, Spanish and Swedish. 
  4. Training platform for intercultural mentors: The YOU-ME platform hosts another innovative tool for young migrants with entrepreneurial potential; users will can join an online mentorship platform, thus entering an environment where not only will they be paired with experienced entrepreneurs, who will teach and guide them, but also they can share with them their stories as well as useful insight.

The deliverables developed within the framework of the YOU-ME project constitute useful tools that can help migrants adapt to their new environment while simultaneously, help the European area evolve both culturally and financially. Visit the YOU-ME website and try the e-learning platfrom out!

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