Youth entrepreneurship and migrants

Young migrants all around the world are always trying to find ways to manage and adapt to new environments. One of the most common ways is for them to manage and find employment in order for them to become an active member of society.

Unfortunately, discrimination works against this. As a result, many migrants are not able to find employment. One solution is for them to follow the path of entrepreneurship and establish their own businesses.

Entrepreneurship is most certainly the way to help evolve society, to help advance the economy and to promote social inclusion. Young people always have bright ideas that they can use and turn them into innovative businesses. People from other countries are able to bring new ideas that might not be very common to European society.

The European Union considers entrepreneurship to be a very strong part of the economy. As a result, there are multiple projects that are being funded but the EU, aiming at promoting entrepreneurship. Combining that with social inclusion, we get projects like the YOU-ME project.

The YOU-ME project aims at providing information, training and support to a selected number of migrants, especially the young ones coming from war-torn countries, in order to help them establishing their own business.

The project combines the need for social inclusion for migrants and promotes actions through entrepreneurship, to help them adapt and become part of the European society. The online platform that can be found on the project’s website, as well as the professional training material regarding entrepreneurship and migrants, is the perfect way to start learning how they can build their own businesses and how they can bring their innovative business ideas to life.

The European world needs to be able to help migrant integration. If entrepreneurship is the right way to do that then European projects can pave the way and provide migrant entrepreneurs and young entrepreneurs in general with the tool they need to build their companies and ensure a bright future for themselves in the world of business!

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