Creating VET Business Partnerships For WBL

The Background of VET-WBL Project

Vocational Education and Training (VET) has different levels of success in EU member states. Countries like Germany and the Netherlands are experts in the field, especially in creating VET business partnerships for work-based learning (WBL).  On the other hand, countries like North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Turkey, and Greece are not as successful. This is largely due to the lack of opportunities for VET students to acquire work experience along with their studies.  

This is a crucial time for VET as it is also high on the EU agenda for the recovery after COVID-19. European’s Commission Pact for Skills initiative will focus more on VET to support a fair and resilient recovery. The Commission’s ambition is to boost the green and digital transitions on an Industrial and SME level.    

The project

VET-WBL is an Erasmus+ project that aims to enhance VET training by expanding VET business partnerships for WBL. The project partners will try to establish VET business partnerships between schools and companies in their respective countries. These collaborations will be in the form of practical placements in companies so that VET students can acquire real work experience by following Germany and the Netherlands’ standards. The partnership hopes to achieve a higher output in skills and competencies for VET students in their respective countries. 

For this purpose, the following steps have been planned: 

  1. The creation of an online platform with the student’s profiles showcasing their skills to potential employers.
  2. The development of a work-based learning guide for both schools and companies. 
  3. The organization of training sessions for VET trainers and company mentors. 
  4. The keeping of learning diaries for students. 

The project’s kick-off meeting was held virtually in December 2020, discussing the details for the project’s first steps. This project’s participating organizations come from North Macedonia, the Netherlands, Turkey, Bulgaria, and Greece.  Subsequently, partners will develop their own networks of collaboration with VET schools and companies.

To learn more about VET-WBL Erasmus+ project click here.

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Vasilis Bouronikos
Content & Communication Manager