YEAH – The Book of Agricultural Entrepreneurship

The Book of Agricultural Entrepreneurship is the final outcome of YEAH project partnership. This book was developed to support young farmers and broaden their horizons concerning opportunities in the agricultural sector. Also, to improve youth’s agricultural competencies while providing them avenues to earn money from agriculture.

Therefore, this book is most relevant to young people who are looking for alternative employment opportunities. You must be wondering what is so special about such a book when entrepreneurship is a hot topic. The answer is simply that the publications in agricultural entrepreneurship are somewhat limited compared to other entrepreneurial aspects.

Additionally, the Book of Agricultural Entrepreneurship is accompanied by the publication of two more books that complement each other. First is the Book of Aquaponic System in Soilless Farming that describes various Aquaponics systems’ application and design. It will act as a point of reference for young farmers installing Aquaponics systems with details on how to work.

 Second is the Book of Effective Fishery Techniques for Aquaponic Systems, explaining the different fish types used in Aquaponics systems. This book contains a detailed analysis of each fish, its waste, and its cultivation guidelines based on climate and geographical conditions.

Methodology Used

For the development of those books, the partners utilized both primary and secondary data. For example, In the Book of Agricultural Entrepreneurship, the partners highlight best practices from their respective countries. First, there is a literature review on the country’s statistics concerning agriculture and aquaculture and the current funding opportunities. The book then continues with the interviews of innovative local farmers and producers that shared their ideas and best practices.

The other two books, the Book of aquaponic System in Soilless Farming and the Book of Effective Fishery Techniques for Aquaponic Systems, mostly contain secondary data. There is extensive research on the topics that they cover in those books, while they also provide practical tips that readers can use as a handbook.

A few Words about YEAH Project

To begin with, YEAH is an Erasmus+ project whose aim is to promote aquaponics to young people. There are many opportunities in the agricultural sector that young people need to be aware of, and aquaponics is one. This project is essential because it can reduce unemployment in young people, but it also contributes to sustainability, as aquaponics is an ecological farming way.

These books are a great way to learn more about agricultural entrepreneurship and why not create your own business. Using these books, you will have enough knowledge to get you started with your new entrepreneurial venture in the agricultural sector.

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