Are Culture and Creativity connected to the Industrial Evolution of Europe?

Culture and creativity play a very important role in the evolution of everything. People need creativity in order to evolve in their lives. They need culture in order to enjoy their endeavours as much as possible. So it should not surprise anyone to learn that, culture and creativity effect important financial sectors like for example the industry sector.

Culture and creativity can create innovation

Culture and creativity are the birthplaces of innovative ideas. And innovative ideas are the foundation of a strong and successful business. Now businesses are the basis for every industry. You cannot have one without the other. It is all about the combination of specific knowledge and skills and, of course, the creative sectors of a business that can help with the birth of a brilliant idea.

These ideas are able to make a business grow. To make a business flourish. A business owner who knows the importance of creativity and culture in the workplace can see their businesses thrive fast. Those who do not however usually have to deal with failure. If not that, they definitely see their endeavours falling behind.

Cultural industries growing all around Europe

As culture and creativity in industries grow, so do Cultural and Creative Industries. This term refers to a wide range of different economic activities around many cultural sectors. Some examples are advertising, arts, crafts, fashion, film, and music. Basically, everything that can be considered creative in a manner of using knowledge and information and can add to the cultural impact on specific fields.

For many, every industrial sector can, on some level, be considered cultural. At least in parts. Education for example, although it is not generally accepted as a cultural industry is, by many scholars on the field, considered to be just that.

Important industrial sectors for Europe

For Europe, creative industries are very important. They are a very strong stakeholder in the European economy and are, therefore supported by Europe, in many different ways. There are financial frameworks that have been specifically created in order to support these industries. From micro-enterprises all the way to big companies. According to the EU, these industries can promote and preserve cultural diversity, they can strengthen social cohesion and they can increase Europe’s attractiveness on an international level.

Sustaining and developing cultural industries is growing more and more important nowadays. The financial crisis that is still hovering above Europe, is enough to start ‘’killing’’ these sectors. And they definitely need to be protected. Development will surely follow, giving Europe a good push as a key stakeholder in the cultural and creative industry sector, all around the world.

The European frameworks that are being implemented by various organizations are certainly capable of sustaining and developing European cultural and creative industries to the best of their abilities. Acknowledging the importance of these industries was the first step. Now a bright future, for Europe, is unravelling, giving the prospect of new job opening and opportunities, especially for young people all around Europe!

Katerina Pouspourika
SEO Expert / Copywriter