Developing a Curriculum for unemployed youth to identify, develop and enhance their soft skills

Nowadays, it is extremely difficult for young people without a formal education, that are not in employment and education, to find a job. However, even without formal training or labour market experience, youth people do gather competences. Individuals have to confront rapidly changing data and learn how to keep up with these changes and advancement. So, it is vitally necessary that individuals develop competences in a wide range of fields, which will allow them to adapt to the evolution and the changing environment. Also, it is necessary for NEETs to gain the needed knowledge, skills and competences through VAT in terms of social entrepreneurship, a field that is gaining high interest and which can provide as a means to exit the crisis.

The “So –VET: Social entrepreneurship as an alternative for young unemployed” project comes to address NEETs and youth unemployment through the development of social entrepreneurship, making it an alternative for unemployed youth. The main objective of the project is to upgrade and enhance VET in terms of social entrepreneurship, provide more effective and efficient courses in the subject and increase the participation and activation of youth in terms of social entrepreneurship, thus decreasing the level of dormancy that exists among NEETs and decreasing the level of unemployment.

During the 1st transnational meeting that took place in Skopje of FYROM, on the 30th and 31st of January, project’s partners from FYROM, Greece, Italy, Turkey, United Kingdom and Sweden analyzed the current situation and designed the next steps towards the implementation of the project’s activities. In this frame the partnership is going to develop the Curriculum for unemployed youth to identify, develop and enhance their soft skills, an e-learning platform where the young NEETs will be able to attend the pilot on-line courses and receive training from a distance and a Handbook on the improvement of Social Entrepreneurship.

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