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Developing Entrepreneurial Skills with E365

Developing Entrepreneurial Skills with E365

The European Commision acknowledges the importance of entrepreneurship and the extension of its impact. For this purpose, the EU foresees support through pertinent policies, education opportunities, and by focusing on certain groups.

Within this frame, the E365 consortium focuses on developing entrepreneurial skills to contribute to the spread of entrepreneurial culture.

Evaluation Report on Developing Entrepreneurial Skills Material

The E365 partnership is targeting unemployed adult learners, with the intention to boost their entrepreneurial presence with necessary skills of entrepreneurship. The Erasmus+ programme supports the materialization of “E365: Entrepreneurship in 365 days” European project.

With this intention, the E365 produced training resources pertinent to entrepreneurial competence necessities and a report summarizing the testing phase. The material was evaluated by 60 participants and 10 adult educators.

In particular, the report consists of the following 3 parts:

  • Description and results of the testing phase, according to the overall received feedback.
  • How the testing phase occurred. Namely, the description and outcomes, according to the obtained feedback of 10 adult educators.
  • Finally, the report concludes with a summary of the entire procedure.

You can find the full “Common report of the testing phase”, here.

Undoubtedly, cultivating an entrepreneurial culture can be beneficial on many levels; and, its influence can extend to social and cultural aspects, aside from the financial dimensions. However, directing attention to developing entrepreneurial skills is imperative for this purpose.

Visit the official website of E365 and discover project activities.

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