Developing Language and Communication Module for the Migrants and Refugees

The intensive phenomenon of migration of the past years in our country has affected the structure of Greek society, the labor market and the social perception. The participation of the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development in the European ERASMUS+ project “Rebuilding the lives in the Land of Hope” aims at the social, cultural and economic integration of refugees, migrants and asylum seekers within each local community through a succession of high quality educational-learning opportunities.

During the second meeting that took place in Ljubljana, Slovenia between 3 and 4 of February 2017, the partners discussed the next steps. In this frame the partnership is going to develop a Language and Communication Module in order to increase the adult literacy rate (understanding, read and write a short, simple statement, make simple arithmetic calculations on their everyday life) among internal migrants and refugees. In this context the output will cover basic language skills of the hosting country and the literacy.

The next step will be the training of the partner’s staff. The staff will join the training event in order to incorporate more creative language teaching methods for the migrants and refugees in the local courses, and share their knowledges and experiences with other staff.

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