Digital Literacy Module on teaching the refugees, migrants and asylum seekers

Institute of Entrepreneurship Development contributes to the promotion of digital literacy on teaching the refugees, migrants and asylum seekers, by developing training material within the framework of the European ERASMUS+ project “LAND OF HOPE – Rebuilding the lives in the land of hope”.

The course has been designed in order to provide basic knowledge regarding ICT skills to migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. After completing this course, the learner is able to the use the computer for basic purposes such as:

  • writing personal/business letters
  • searching information on Internet (laws, human rights, job opportunities, etc)
  • sending emails
  • prepare a presentation
  • control it owns expenses etc.

This allows a basic user to be digitally literate. The course would also aid to social and economic integration of migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers into the society.  By using the computers, tablets, mobile phones, the target group can enjoy the world of Information Technology.


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