Boosting the social skills of adults for better employability and success at work

The general consensus is that a person’s social skills play a very important role in our everyday life and in our professional life. Of course, it is known that a large portion of the world does not have the time, and many times even the resources, to be able to develop them. This is the purpose of this program.

The first transnational meeting of the “Move Up – Boosting the Social Skills of Adults for Better Employability and Success at Work”, project has been a success. With partners from Turkey, Austria, England and Portugal, the meeting was held in Istanbul on 11 and 12 January, focusing on the selection of target groups and further analysis of the social skills necessary for the profession in question.

The main objective of the program is to recognize and develop the social skills of the employees according to the profession. The ultimate result of this collaboration will be a web-based platform that will be accessible to all and can provide information on the social skills necessary for the profession they are pursuing, but also the ways that they can develop them.

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