Digital Skills for Adults for Everyday Life

Digital skills for adults are included in the set of key competences identified, by the European Union, that have a promotive function for the person and society. By digital competences, we refer to the essential digital skills in information and communication technology (ICT); hence, being a confident user that operates pertinent tools, and in a critical manner.

Essential Digital Skills for Adults

Digital advancements have been incorporated in everyday life, as a tool to serve the needs arisen. Hence, the acquisition of pertinent competences is imperative. Among the necessary skills that cultivate digital culture, are the following:

  • Browsing safely on the internet information, that facilitate the completion of everyday tasks. In addition to browsing skills, managing and storing useful content is of great importance.
  • Another skill that enables a person’s daily routine is communication. People can easily interact with each other on the internet; cooperate; and, share information.
  • In addition, performing actions such as: buying products and finding services are of great significance. The same applies, in the events of selling goods and provision of services. Knowing how to make transactions safely on the internet, is also included.
  • Technological advances provide us with tools that can help us with problem solving and searching for solutions. The ability to perform pertinent actions is vital for daily life.
  • Finally, it is important to learn how to use the internet safely; as incidents of illegal actions and cyberbullying on the internet occur on a daily basis.

Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (iED) observes the current needs of everyday life; and, acknowledges the significance of acquiring digital skills for adults. Upgrade E-adults is a European project of pertinent content. In particular, it is an Erasmus+ project, that is aiming to gather and disseminate good practices, at a European level, in order to promote digital skills. The expected impacts of this effort are the enhancement of professional opportunities; and, social inclusion.

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