Digital transformation can boost rural commerce sector

In today’s society, companies need to change, adapt and evidently evolve. Digital transformation is certainly the way for that to happen. For companies, digital transformation is all about evolving the business and organizing all the different, activities, opportunities, processes models and competencies. That can result in the changes that are a mix of digital technologies and have an accelerating impact across society and are always ready to change again and face future shifts and changes!

This Institute of Entrepreneurship Development has been taking actions in order to have an active part in the digital transformation for companies. With EU Projects like the Transforma, the IED is able to create software and platforms as well as games specifically created in order to help develop the concept of digital transformation for companies.

In particular, The “Training on e-Commerce in rural areas is an online training course on e-commerce in rural areas, addressed to VET trainers and students, young (aspiring) entrepreneurs and people living (or that would like to leave) in rural areas that are interested in innovating or creating their own business. The course is also relevant for public and private entities interested in rural areas’ development, other business organizations, NGOs’ working with people with fewer opportunities, etc.

The course is complemented by the Transforma PC-Game, which is an amusing way to perform in practice the e-commerce skills you acquire. You can download the game here: Transform@ Game.

If you are looking for ways to gain knowledge on how you can transform your business and help bring it to the next level, check out these training courses and try to go through the game. You are certainly going to learn a lot of new things that you did not know before. All those things will help you improve your business and help it evolve into something bigger and more profitable.

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