E-book for Youth Entrepreneurship

The word “entrepreneur” comes from the French verb “entreprendre”, meaning “to undertake”. Entrepreneurship is often defined as “seeing opportunities that others cannot see, turning them into business ideas” and “prone to take risks”. The project ” EYE in RURAL- The enhancement of Youth Entrepreneurship in Rural ” has as target to enhance the useful skills and competencies of youth on entrepreneurial issues in rural areas as well as to provide the online training module and pilot training for youth by promoting the entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial education.

In the frame of the aforementioned project funded with the support of the European Commission, the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development collaborating with the project’s partners was responsible to develop the Online Book for entrepreneurship.  The main purpose of the e-book was to create training materials related to entrepreneurship in order to promote the entrepreneurial spirit among Youth as a solution for unemployment.

This book includes information, visuals, examples of successful youth entrepreneurship policies, successful initiatives as well as entrepreneurs willing to help youth entrepreneurship in rural areas. Furthermore, its aim is to enhance the development of rural areas by building jobs in these areas according to young people’s abilities and competencies and promote the efficient use of the resources of these areas. The e-book consists of units devoted to explaining further the following topics:

  • What is entrepreneurship? Definitions and Fields
  • Which are the types of entrepreneurs? Characteristics & Skills for successful entrepreneurs
  • What is the business idea? Types and sources
  • What is the business environment? Market- Customers- Competitors- Human Resources
  • How Entrepreneurship is transformed into an economic force in rural development?
  • What is Digital Entrepreneurship? Examples, Evaluation, and Tips
  • What is the business model canvas?

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Youth entrepreneurship is the future for the evolution of the labor market!

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Katerina Pouspourika
SEO Manager & Copywriter

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