EU funding opportunities under the Interreg Programme

The European Union is a firm supporter of the cooperation between countries that are members of the EU and those that are not through EU funding. Cross border cooperation is important. One of the ways that the EU aims to continue supporting this policy is through the implementation projects.

Project funding is an excellent way to support cross border cooperation and Interreg is the EU’s key instrument to aid these endeavors. The Interreg programme aims to jointly tackle common challenges as well as find shared solutions in multiple fields. Some of those fields include health, environment, research, education, transport, sustainable energy and more.

Interreg is one of the two goals of the EU Cohesion Policy in the 2014-2020 period and it is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). It has a budget of EUR 10.1 billion invested in the several cooperation programmes responsible for managing EU funding for projects.

Interreg has three types of programmes:

  1. Cross-border Cooperation Programmes (60)
  2. Transnational Cooperation Programmes (15)
  3. Interregional Programmes (4)

Below you can see the list of the current 20 open calls for Interreg under EU funding:

  1. 2nd Call for projects at SUDOE (Continuously open call) – Andorra, France, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom
  2. Call for microprojects (Continuously open call) – Czech Republic, Poland
  3. Open call for projects (Continuously open call) – France, United Kingdom
  4. Open calls for proposals (Continuously open call) – Germany, Nederlands
  5. Calls for proposals (Continuously open call) – Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland
  6. Call for proposals (Continuously open call) – Austria, Hungary
  7. Preparatory project call (Continuously open call) – Faroe Islands, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom
  8. Open call for proposals (Continuously open call) – Austria, Slovenia
  9. Call 5 for full applications (Continuously open call) – Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Nederlands, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom
  10. Call for proposals (Continuously open call) – Germany Austria, Germany
  11. Call for proposals (Continuously open call) – Germany Austria, Germany
  12. Open call for proposals (Continuously open call) – Austria, Slovakia
  13. 3rd call for modular projects (Continuously open call) – Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Montenegro, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, United Kingdom
  14. 2. Call for small project proposals in the Eastern border area (Continuously open call) – SlovakiaHungary, Slovakia
  15. 2. Call for small project proposals in the Western border area (Continuously open call) – SlovakiaHungary, Slovakia
  16. 6th call for projects proposals (Deadline 7th October 2019) – Greece Bulgaria, Greece
  17. Call 11 for full applications (Deadline 11th October 2019) Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Nederlands, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom
  18. 5th Call of the Central Baltic Monitoring Committee(Deadline 15th October 2019) – SwedenEstonia, SwedenFinland, SwedenLatvia, Sweden
  19. 4th Call for projects proposals (Deadline 1st November 2019) – Cyprus, Greece
  20. Call for Proposals – SKHU/1902 (Deadline 16th December 2019) SlovakiaHungary, Slovakia

These calls represent the beneficial nature of the Interreg programme. They prove that there are a plethora of different countries, facing the same problems. There is room to exchange good practices that will help all countries equally and massively improve the way of living in countries across the world.

Are you interested in taking part in one of those calls? Then you need trustworthy and experienced partners to work with. By becoming part of the network, you are going to find yourselves in front of a long list of partners that have declared their interest for projects and EU funding that you are interested in as well.

Find Your Partners For EU Funding

IED is one such partner. We are a center of excellence in EU projects and we support entrepreneurship by developing project proposals in several EU funding programmes. Our aim is to promote innovation and enhance the entrepreneurial spirit. Interreg is one of the programmes that interests us the most.

The CoWorkMed: Social Innovation Research on Coworking Clusters, is the Interreg project that we are most proud of implementing. During the implementation of the project, we developed a new model of entrepreneurship and social innovation by promoting the coworking processes and their transnational organization as a lever of smart and sustainable growth in the Mediterranean territories.

You can find our profile on the platform or contact us here. Let us collaborate and build a strong consortium together to work on some of the best proposals under the Interreg programme!

Katerina Pouspourika
SEO Expert / Copywriter