Training material to enhance regional wealth by using ICT

In line with the accelerating technological changes and the active presence of ICT in every aspect of innovation and evolution, the key sources of regional wealth creation are directly linked to the regional capacity to transfer information and knowledge, in the form of intellectual capital, to economic opportunities.

The European project InnoHabitS, which is part of the Erasmus + projects and partnered with the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development, aims to ensure that target groups receive systematic and meaningful services to enhance their innovation, have the opportunity to use ePlatform for sharing information, requesting feedback and ideas, free access to eLearning tools and contacting a unique network for collaboration, coordination and business behavior. It enhances practices evolving around the ICT sector.

In this context, the 3rd transnational meeting of the InnoHabitS project took place in Granada, Spain earlier in September. The Institute of Entrepreneurship Development and the other partners were able to present the latest project deliverables related to the educational material produced for ICT. Specifically, the project developed a complex lesson on the use of information and communication technology for business development. The topics are addressed to a wide range of businesses, providing ways to increase the efficiency, collaboration and market presence of both products and services.

The course structure includes modules such as Information and Information Systems, Organization and Development of Businesses using Electronic Media and E-Commerce, Knowledge of Information Systems and Networks for Online Support, Methods and Concepts for Business Development with Electronic Media and Systems and information management databases. Everything is evolved around ICT methods.

The purpose of the educational material produced is to help the trainee evaluate, analyze, adapt, design, promote and implement such an idea embedded in the concept of DBE-Digital Business Ecosystems. It will thus contribute to capacity building to ensure the regional competitiveness of SMEs at the regional and local levels and to create new employment opportunities in related fields.

Find more information and discover important details on the project website

Stay tuned to keep track of the project’s progress on ICT.

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Katerina Pouspourika
SEO Manager & Copywriter

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