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E-book: Start-up and management of Coworking Spaces


Now more than ever, coworking is booming: new coworking spaces are opening everyday all over the world and there are more professionals that prefer a shared coworking space over a private office. Coworking spaces have evolved significantly and today there is a huge variety of coworking business models that offer a wide range of services to their coworkers. Coworkers, at the same time, are more and more varied: freelancers and startups, digital nomads that move around the world and work remotely, corporates and big companies that decide to place part of their staff in these shared environments are just some examples

Running a coworking space can be the perfect opportunity to continue growing and find new business opportunities. As key part of the space, you will be able to interact with all your coworkers and other business partners and key stakeholders, having access to new resources, opportunities, projects and ideas. If you already have a business idea in mind, or even a business that is already set up and working, running a coworking space can be the perfect complement to maximize the profit: you can be both coworking manager and a coworker at the same time.

You can become a driver for change and innovation in your area, even a business reference. Specially in less developed areas, a coworking space can be crucial for economic growth and development: it can be the answer to retain talent and professionals, offer access to a variety of resources for local entrepreneurs, as well as promote collaborative work and achievement of major goals and challenges.

Under the framework of the project “Youth Re-Working Rural”, in which the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development participates as partner, we have created a useful E-book for the start-up and management of Coworking spaces.

The e-book is addressed to all people, mainly in young people, who are interesting on working or open a coworking space.  In the e-book you have the ability to gain knowledge on:

  1. Introduction to Coworking spaces as an entrepreneurial opportunity
  2. Legal Framework
  3. Coworking management
  4. The business model canvas for coworking spaces
  5. Marketing
  6. Reconversion of spaces and designing of a coworking
  7. Sustainability & Fundraising

You can download the E-book here!

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