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Youth Entrepreneurs in Greece


Greece is one of the countries that was severely plagued by the financial crisis that hit the world almost ten years ago. Nowadays, the brain drain phenomenon in Greece is bigger than ever. Young men and women are leaving the country, hoping that they will be able to find more opportunities somewhere else. This is true not only for scientists but for potential Greek entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs in Greece

Over the past few years, and through initiatives and funding from the European Union, there is a movement to try and keep young potential entrepreneurs in Greece. The movement does appear to be working as we can see a large number of people under the age of forty, in Greece, now opening up their own businesses, focusing on innovation.

The idea of being an entrepreneur is utterly connected to innovation. Young men and women in Greece are able to use their own studies and knowledge and combine them with more ideas, in order for them to be able to create a successful business. But how is that helping the society and the greek economy?

Being able to create cash flow is certainly the right way to try and bring innovation to society. Money is important for every society out there, but not the only thing that will keep society steady and ungraded. People need to be able to keep up with innovation and that is what young entrepreneurs can do for Greece.

Create your Innovative Business

By creating innovative businesses, not only will they be able to help the local and national market, but they will also be able to help the Greek people, reach the next level when it comes to their way of living. Being able to use different technological achievements in your daily life to make things easier for you is important. This is what innovative entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship can do for societies.

If you live in Greece and you want to learn more about the help you can receive for the EU in order for you to start your own business as an entrepreneur, the only thing you have to do is learn about European Projects. EU projects have been around for a long time now and their purpose is to enhance societies and give people the opportunity to evolve.

The EYE in Rural, is such a project, focusing on young people in rural areas and the way they can use entrepreneurship to enhance their local society and increase their profit. If you are a person living in a rural area then this project might be able to provide you with all the material you need in order for you to learn how to set up your own business as an entrepreneur around the rural areas of your country!

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