State of the art Mumpreneurship

Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial activities are getting more and more common worldwide, as the measure of success and self-realisation that can be achieved by anyone. The successes of others make many believe that creating their own venture and being self-employed – whether we’re talking about the ideology or business form – is the dream within reach that you can have simple and easy access to.

As good as it sounds entrepreneurship is something that should be taken up with passion and courage that needs a lot of hard work, creativity and readiness to compromise. The development of entrepreneurial attitude and entrepreneurship itself became a significant part of economic and business education. Countless studies and surveys were conducted, courses and educational tools were developed to identify, examine, enhance and educate the necessary competences, methods, trainings that every “would-be-entrepreneur” should acquire to be successful.

In the past few decades many funding concepts and accelerator programs have been developed and implemented with the aim to help accelerate economic growth and job creation, in many cases promoting social progress through entrepreneurship and building business communities. These programs are differentiate by regions, countries, type of activities, focusing innovation, more theoretical or practical, highlighting different approaches and methods to help establish or boost ventures to be efficient, successful and sustainable.

Among the worldwide existing funding and accelerator programs are very few applications for women entrepreneurs or those who are about to start their own business but nest to the supporting, educational programs focusing on women in business are growing in importance as well both national and international levels.

Under the framework of “Femme” project, in which the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development participates as partner, was conducted a report on the State of the art on Mumpreneurship.

The report focuses on barriers and success factors in women entrepreneurship. In particular, the state of the art mumpreneurship includes the following topics:

  • research, positioning and hypotheses                                               
  • europe framework, general statistics                                   
  • women-work-life
  • population and economic activity, gender statistics                                     
  • employment, age, salary data
  • female entrepreneurship, mumpreneurship
  • enterpreneurship and women                                                                                   
  • legal framework, gender policies

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Julia Bachousi
Project Manager

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