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e-Lead Project: The Activities to Reach the Desired Target Group

e-Lead Project: The Activities to Reach the Desired Target Group

The partnership of e-Lead project has implemented several activities throughout the project’s duration to raise awareness and reach the desired target audience since the project’s activities were designed to provide VET trainers, in-company trainers, high-tech experts, trainers working with SME’s and start-ups, incubators and accelerators (primary target group) with the specific knowledge, skills, and competencies required to promote, guide, assist, facilitate, and assess the acquisition of e-leadership skills. People working in the high-tech sector, particularly in SMEs or start-ups, are the project’s eventual beneficiaries (workers, Managers, Company leaders, Key roles in high-tech companies).

As foreseen, all partners have organised a multiplier event in their country with approximately 40 people in each event, where the project’s objectives were explained, and activities and materials were presented. For most partners, these events took place between October of 2021 and December 2021. The general feedback received was positive, with participants excited about the project’s deliverables, emphasizing the high quality of produced materials and their efficiency in everyday use.

Despite the reach of a general audience throughout these events, another opportunity to inform about digital tools and how to use them has risen through the implementation of pilot testings on the deliverables. That is, experts in VET sector were invited to examine and evaluate the work that was done and provide feedback and any remarks on future modifications for the achievement of the best result through workshops and by the examination of MOOC course, where many people registered and navigated through the platform in order to check the materials first hand and have to access for future use.

Another action included the conduction of 6 interviews in each partner country with professionals and experts sharing their thoughts and inputs on the high tech sector and leaving remarks on the project’s outputs. These interviews worked as best practices and good examples for viewers to understand better project goals and how all materials could be utilised.

All the above-described activities added extra value to the partnership’s efforts and managed to inform a large scale of stakeholders that could benefit of the e-Lead project and all created tools.

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