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How to Increase Website Traffic to Make More Sales

How to Increase Website Traffic for Making More Sales

The most important goal of any online business is to get a large number of visitors to its website. The more traffic a website attracts, the more customers the business makes.

So, increasing the number of visitors to your website is very important. Here are a few methods on how you can increase your website traffic.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay per click is indeed the best thing that can happen to you. Whatever you have heard or read about pay per click is true. PPC can help you increase your profit by maximizing your full visitor’s potential. Click traffic software will prove its effectiveness.

Once you have your own account of pay per click opened, and after you have completed everything required to create a PPC advert, you can definitely see changes on your website traffic.

Even on the first day or the first couple of hours, you will be surprised to find many people going to your site.

This is particularly true if you happen to be on the first page of the search engine results page list, especially if you are on the first or top of the listing. Then prepare yourself for massive traffic because it will happen; that is how effective the pay-per-click system is.

Every website requires traffic to sell its products or services. Traffic is what we call “visitors.” It is the number of people visiting your site.

The more people visit your site, the more opportunity you have to make a sale. If you have no traffic, it only means one thing, there are no visitors and no one to sell whatever is your merchandise.

This is why marketing techniques are left and right, as many people and websites continually need a boost to generate traffic and then increase their income as well.

After all, it is business, and any business needs a buyer or customer regardless of what kind of business you have. You will still need people, which is why pay per click is good for you because it can bring more people to you.

Bear in mind that the next step you need to take after drawing traffic to your website is tracking users’ activities on your web pages using website visitor tracking tools. This will help you ensure the success of your marketing efforts.

Article Marketing

One of the most popular forms of marketing used by almost all online marketers today is article marketing – aside from being highly effective, article marketing is also a very cheap way to market different products or services.

But with all the hype about article marketing, how exactly does it help in increasing your website traffic?

Through article marketing, an online marketer can grow the business’ authority and the market impact inside a particular field of business.

Online business owners write quality articles on a certain topic related to their field, product, or service and then distribute the articles all over the web through online article directories.

You can find various affordable web hosting providers that you can use to start your own website.

In fact, even before the age of computers and the internet came into existence, article marketing was already helping hundreds (if not thousands) of businesses promote their products or services offline.

One perfect example of offline article marketing is the newspapers that we have – newspapers often print content articles released by businesses in exchange for a publishing fee.

This arrangement is a win-win situation for everyone involved – the business gets in touch with their market by getting published, and the newspaper is able to sustain its needs through the publishing fees provided by the business owners.

Article marketing via the internet is not far from the way article marketing works in the newspaper industry.

Webmasters publish content articles in essentially the same way, which also promotes a win-win situation for everyone involved – online article directories get hold of free content material while the online marketers or online business owners get in touch with their target audience at a very cheap price, in a very convenient way.

Submitting to online article directories is usually free, or costs are extremely low because the owner of the online article directory usually gets the fee or income from advertising.

And as more articles get published, the ranking of the website and its popularity also increase.

Since article marketing helps increase a website’s popularity and ranking among the major search engines on the internet, it is closely related and is often linked to search engine optimization.

In SEO, a great part of writing articles for the web involves certain keywords that define a certain niche in the online market.

Articles embedded with these keywords target a specific kind of reader in order to get the highest possible revenue.

By writing several articles with targeted keywords, a website will be able to attract a great volume of internet users which will eventually lead to a great turnout of customers and clients.


Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a method of analyzing and building web pages in such a way that they can be easily detected, analyzed, and indexed by various search engines for a better ranking.

If you follow the correct SEO guidelines and understand how various search engines behave, and determine the ranking of websites on the internet, you will be able to make your website more attractive, relevant, and readable in order for it to get indexed.

Internet Users and Search Engines are similar

A search engine behaves like a person. It ranks a website based on the substantiated information it provides on certain topics.

Generally, the most relevant and informative sites appear on the top just as we determine which site is good and bad based on the information it provides.

Not only do the search engines help in generating traffic, but they also help maintain it. More organized and informative sites will always rank better.

Target Audience

Even targeting the right audience for a business to make a profit is very important. If your product is not reaching the correct people, you will not have a final sale.

Search engines segment the market and help in connecting the right person to the right product. If you sell a person what he is interested in, the chances of you making the final sales increase. People search for a wide variety of topics on the internet, and search engines connect the market together.


SEO is a full-time job, and it has a learning curve. That is the reason some webmasters hire external agencies experts in the field of SEO.

To get the desired level of results, it is very important that the company you hire has a good track record and has proven results in the past to show. Ask the company for case studies showing proven results, or consider Linkflow, an expert SEO agency.

If SEO is done correctly, it can prove to be a cost-effective way of increasing your web traffic and boosting your web presence.

For any online business or website, SEO plays a very important role in defining its present and future. The worst feeling that a businessman can have is to lose customers to his competitors despite him marketing a better product.

Therefore, understanding the ways of how a website ranks is a very crucial aspect of online marketing. Using tools such as Semrush and Ahrefs can help you grow your organic visibility more effectively. Check out the detailed comparison of Ahrefs and Semrush and make your choice.

Social Media Marketing

When you look at the first few pages of Google, you will notice that many of the first page results are taken up by social media websites. If you make use of these websites, then those pages could be yours.

This is, therefore, the first reason to use social media marketing in your search engine optimization campaigns.

Google and Bing have now also admitted that your social presence can benefit your search engine optimization efforts, meaning that by using sites like Facebook and Twitter, you are also improving your SEO campaigns.

In saying this, the search engines have said that Facebook business pages and Twitter accounts seem to have the most weight and that they generally do look at who you are and your authority on these sites.

Focus on getting more followers and fans for your pages and posting interesting content for them to share.

Get Multiple Listings

Social media marketing is also useful when it comes to getting multiple listings. When you have these multiple listings, especially when they are on the same page, you multiply the effectiveness of each link and so create a lot more traffic for your website.

Get your web pages, Facebook pages, Twitter account, YouTube videos, etc., all listed on the first page, and you are sure to win.

Extensive One-Way Link Building

Link building has always been an important element of SEO, and now you can build an extensive link network linking to your website.

In addition, all of these links are one-way links to get you more traffic. Although sites like Twitter do use ‘no follow’ policies, it still appears that the links shared on these sites have some effect on your SEO efforts.

Search engine optimization and social media marketing used together can be extremely powerful in driving large amounts of traffic to your website.

SEO has long been a favourite, but now social media marketing can help to improve your results and is vying with SEO for popularity. Use Twitter and Facebook as well as top link-building tools to improve your rankings and drive more traffic to your website.

Website Speed & Structure

Users prefer surfing on websites that are fast and time-saving. Users wait for a website to load in less than three seconds and start losing patience after that.

It has been researched that 79% of the users don’t return to the website if they are not satisfied with its performance. This will result in losing conversions and a reduction in sales.

Hence, you must create a website that loads images and content faster. Website speed can be optimized by the use of the content delivery network, which delivers web pages and web content based on the users’ geographic locations and preferences.

The website should have a beautiful and professional design. It should be structured in such a way that the pages of the websites are interconnected with one another.

The layout should be such that the users find it easy to find what they are looking for. It should be technical as well as functional.

RSS Feed

The term RSS can be elaborated as a Really Simple Syndicate. Feed Submission is the best tool for search engine optimization (SEO) for the purpose of submitting any website’s feed to the directories, which are very popular, and to the search engines.

This is helpful for increasing any site rank to the search engines.

The feed can help you by providing both direct and indirect ways to represent your website to the bloggers. The submitted feeds become incorporated towards search engines like Google.

Every search for a specific keyword relating to your site becomes embedded in the search engine database, and thus you will be benefited.

There are many good sides to Feed Submission. This is very helpful for getting free and inbound links without any reciprocal links. It is also an innovative method to present your informative messages, and you will be able to engage new clients.

Your targeted audience or website visitors and customers get their regular dose of informative data.

The website is properly updated, and interesting content is added to keep your clients, customers, or targeted audiences adhere to it. This process may indirectly force the readers to be customers.

Feed is also used to refresh the website content database. It eliminates the need to update the regular contents. This process can save your time, effort, and energy by keeping your website with fresh-looking appearances time after time again.

This process is also used as a supplement to content updating. Promoting your website pages through Feeds is a submission process. It will be helpful for other people to download and use it in order to use your feeds as a supplement to their site content.


By using these techniques to increase website traffic, you can improve your website’s traffic and generate more sales for your online business.

These methods will take time and test your patience but do it with consistency, and you’ll see results instantly.

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