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The Delivery of TRAIN-CE-FOOD First Work Package

The Delivery of TRAIN-CE-FOOD First Work Package

iED announces the successful completion of the TRAIN-CE-FOOD first work package. It is a state-of-the-art report of circumstances pertinent to food and entrepreneurship education.

Meet TRAIN-CE-FOOD Project

This Growth project promotes circular economy (CE), due to its positive impact on the economy, and growth at large. In fact, the project employs this business model in relation to food supply chains. In particular, the design foresees delivering pertinent training courses, with innovative methods, addressed to secondary and higher education students.

Find out more about TRAIN-CE-FOOD, on the project’s official webpage.

TRAIN-CE-FOOD First Work Package: A State-of-the-Art Report

The TRAIN-CE-FOOD first work package was delivered, in an attempt to generate and understand youth entrepreneurship and cooperatives. In fact, the report is an analysis of CE business models of food supply at a European level, with primary focus on:

  • State of the art competencies.
  • A benchmark of good practices.
  • Assessing the performance of the current situation; and, identify synergies, gaps, and duplications.

The goals of the state-of-the-art report formation were the following:

  • Mapping the level of knowledge about CE food supply chains, entrepreneurship, and cooperatives. In particular, the mapping process occurred by a competency self-assessment on the targeted; and, by identification of the common competency gaps on international scale.
  • Examination of the CE food supply chains, entrepreneurship, and cooperatives integration, within the existing secondary school and HEIs’ curriculums; textbooks; and, other learning materials. And, draw a comparison between the involved countries.
  • To draft a report on an assessment of current situation, by identifying synergies and gaps.

The document of the first work package is available to read, here.

Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (iED) is content with the project’s progress and considers the work package delivery a high-quality result.

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