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Enhancing the Means of Adult Educators to Contribute Entrepreneurship

Enhancing the Means of Adult Educators to Contribute Entrepreneurship

iED presents the PROBM2 methodological guide and the training course plan for adult educators. This is the 4th intellectual output developed in the framework of the European project “ProBM2: Understanding and Developing Business Models in the Globalisation Era”.

The Project ProBM2 as a Reference Point for Successful Entrepreneurial Ventures

ProBM2 is an Erasmus+ project, with the overall aim to contribute to the entrepreneurial activities’ reinforcement, of current and future companies. Furthermore, the design of this project revolves around the concept of business models, entrepreneurs usually underestimate its significance in the stage of creation. 

In particular, the ProBM2 key objective is to promote pertinent knowledge and achieve skills’ enhancement, through the reinforcement of educators’ teaching activity. Last, the ProBM2 strategic partnership consists of 6 organizations, coming from Poland, Romania, Malta, Italy, Greece, and Portugal.

For more information on the project, you can visit the ProBM2 official website.

IO4 Presentation: Supporting Material for Adult Educators

The formation of this outcome occurred through the combination of the previous three intellectual outputs. In addition, the development of the methodological guide and training course plan took into consideration the national, regional, and local implementation frame. Finally, the material consists of information and practical examples for deploying the produced resources to the maximum.

Institute of Entrepreneurship Development is happy with ProBM2 progress; and, considers the supporting material for adult educators of being high quality. Our Institute, as a promoting factor of entrepreneurship, considers this project promising. If you would like to contribute to our efforts, you can drop us a line. Our team of professionals would gladly respond.

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