Entre-Learning: Design your business’s own e-learning platform

The opportunities for the reinforcement of the skills of adults already employed in a company are rare. Time is precious and education services that are usually provided become time-consuming and inefficient.

The Institute of Entrepreneurship Development created an innovative online e-learning platform, which will be the most utilitarian tool of evaluation and development of human resources of an enterprise because the new Entre-Learning service solves the problem of time and space, through an advanced platform for distance learning, with efficient and secure way of a personalised user approach.

The service is aimed at enterprises who want to evaluate and make the most of their human resources, but also to the professional who wants to improve his knowledge and skills with an e-learning platform.

The worker does not need to be absent from the enterprise during his training, and he is specialised on the useful and progressive tools required by the field, based on the goals he sets for his professional development and more precisely on his needs.

In the first step of Entre-Learning is provided to the professional a full assessment of knowledge and skills, based on his professional path, and it is identified by the program the points that needs to be strengthened, while it is created for the enterprise a complete and detailed database evaluation of personnel. Furthermore, this analytical assessment database, created rapidly, can be used by the human resources department of the enterprise for the implementation of future plans.

In the next stage of the service, each employee has access to the distance e-learning platform, which can be used at any time. In the personalised online platform, is provided to the individual integrated solutions to the challenges of modern management methods in his work and the advanced tools he needs, with a view to his maximum efficiency and productivity within the enterprise, giving him at the same time the opportunity to make progress in his career.

Entre-Learning is an unlimited and fully updated educational platform based on the individual needs of each employee, without unnecessary general training fields, with targeted responses to the areas that are required to be developed by each person on his profession.

The service works like “personal adviser”, but is a rapid, targeted and effective training process. Since the employee can use the e-learning platform at any time and from the workplace, the Entre-Learning distance education becomes a valuable and useful tool for the immediate resolution of the challenges presented to professional on a daily basis.

The innovative Entre-Learning service was created by the best business consultants and the most qualified professionals in the employee education. The service’s advantages in space and time, and the individualized approach of the user, making it the most effective training and development tool created so far for the enterprises.

In a period when spending time on training is minimal, developments in all professions are rapid and the demands are enormous, the Entre-Learning is a prerequisite for the enterprise that aims at maximum productivity and utilisation of human resources.

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