Entrepreneurial Creativity: An innovative training program to be transferred in EU countries

The development of the innovative entrepreneurship is one of the most important competitive advantages of the countries of the EU. As the practice shows, the usage of this advantage requires special governmental policy and support. For the moment the European Union proposes the following programs of the entrepreneurial creativity and innovation development:

  1. The development and implementation of the budget programs of financing of the innovative process starting from the scientific developments to the production of the exploratory prototype for the technological areas which are considered to be of high priority.
  2. State purchases of the innovative products with the definition of the maximum size of the enterprise, which sells them. In case of the purchase from the big companies, the attraction of the small business is a must.
  3. The creation of the list of long-term crediting programs aimed at financing of the projects of small business, which will be realized by the state banks and international funds.
  4. The support of the transboundary collaboration in the research and technology sphere.
  5. Setting the system of the information and educational support as well as a legal support of getting the micro loans by the business entity.

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The program was created to foster the creativity and innovative approaches in the sphere of education and entrepreneurship development. The task is to develop creative skills and implement the innovative approaches among the young entrepreneurs. These skills will help the businesses to survive in the era of the economic crisis and to find the ways out of it. The modern vocational education should use all the tools which stimulate creative thinking, innovative approach to the development of business and modern tools for the solution of various issues. The CHIMERA project is also aimed at changing the mentality of the older generation who works in the enterprises and make them think innovatively. The idea of the modern education is to make it life-long and to motivate people to constantly develop their skills and acquire new knowledge. The graduates of the program will have to be able to create favorable conditions for innovations inside their companies. In addition, they should add the development of the innovative thinking and creative skills into the training programs of their company.

Fast changing society and deep economic crisis motivate entrepreneurs to be flexible, creative and innovative in case they want to survive and be successful in a given situation.

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